From the hours. of 5 and 6 am and pm is a restricted time for humans on Earth and other good natured dominant life forms, intelligent ones living on other planets in the known and unknown Universe. Hell breaks loose so to say that the unblessed dead come to roost on the living. This is the time of bad things suicide, violent acts planned and possibly implemented. 

Its the time of all the junk of the Universe to come out in our streets. In our homes.

This time ends at 6:01am and pm and you will feel a whole lot better avoid eating and drinking during this poisoned designed times 5-6 your time zone. Do not talk on the phone, avoid mirrors wear sunglasses if you can or sleep Meditate Buddhists. Jesus speaks of dressing to eat. Read the New Testament. Fashion actually is very important.

This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE As of today we currently have one third of the Planet sanitary conditions poor and lacking food clean drinking water places to sleep and blankets to be comfortable We have hurricanes floods fires disease unprecedented in this Modern age Mother Nature is so pissed off right now. God is unhappy and unfulfilled.

We have a water shortage and we use a few gallons of clean water and we call ourselves potty train candy. Trick or treated. What does that mean? That is one of the big lies of the 20th Century. This really really tough but we must burn, bury, or dispose of our feces in black plastic With bananas and dark chocolate to neutralize it. Evil spirits.

Having chocolate and peanuts actually repels bad enlities just keep candy Diseases cellular. Cancer blood diseases diabetes, viruses, Covid, Aids. 

COVID TYPHOID Black Plague. Measles Mumps Polio Spanish flu.

Luxuries food water air land. 

I have been working on this story which is right now more important than my work as a Photographer. Obviously for 25 years this has been my focus.

Prayers b4 or after meals for the food that comes from the Universe. We need to eat Kosher or Hallel Muslim’s way of preparing meats without serving blood or fat. For thanksgiving we must sever the turkey’s neck and let the blood drip into the earth and let them die really without much shock or pain. The life is in the blood.

Vladamir Putin probably is eating unko her red meat between the hours of 5 & 6 and not a madman just harboring evil spirits.

Animals to eat & not eat. Read Exodus

Oh also save your yogurt don’t eat it with this disposal system of our excrement. Too many billions of live cultures.

No corporation junk food either get Bernie Sanders Michelle Obama as 

Presidential candidates

The Devil is real. A deceiver. The father of lies in society Lets remove him from office 

~ Paula Retsky

see Artist Statement part2 below 

Quoted from: MISHKAN HANEFESH – Machzor for the Days of Aw


We confess our sins against the   earth. 

We commit ourselves to saving it.

We have assaulted our planet in countless ways     <flush>
We have blamed others for the spiraling, deepening crisis    <flush>
We have consumed thoughtlessly and irresponsibly    <flush>
We have driven myriad species to the point of extinction    <flush>
We have exhausted irreplaceable resources    <flush>
We have failed to transcend borders and act unselfishly    <flush>
We have given in to our many appetites and our gluttony    <flush>
We have harmed beyond repair the habitats of living beings    <flush>
We have ignored the signs of change in our climate and our seasons    <flush>
We have jeopardized the well-being of future generations    <flush>
We have known the problem but left problem-solving to others    <flush>
We have lost sight of our role as God’s partners in creation    <flush>
We have mocked, cynically, those who love creatures great and small    <flush>
We have neglected the environment, most of all, in places of poverty    <flush>
We have over-populated our cities and over-fished our oceans    <flush>
We have polluted seashore and sky, fertile soil and freshwater springs    <flush>
We have questioned and doubted solid evidence of danger    <flush>
We have ravaged the old growth forests—ecosystems created over    centuries    <flush>
We have spewed poison into the bloodstream of our land: its rivers,       lakes, and estuaries   <flush>

We have transformed dazzling beauty into industrial ugliness    <flush>
We have used shared resources for personal gain and corporate profit    <flush>
We have violated the commandment “Do not destroy”    <flush>
We have wasted precious treasures, our God-given gifts    <flush>
We have exploited the weakest and most vulnerable in our midst    <flush>
And yet we yearn to be better guardians of this earth and the fullness      thereof    <flush>
Let us be jealous now to care for this unique corner of the cosmos, this      planet — our sacred home    <flush>

~  Quoted  from: 


     Machzor for the Days of Awe 

     CCAR Press  * New York   2015 / 5776 

Artist Statement – Part 2

We can as a planet if we work together with these ‘Lifestyle’ changes wipe out COVID in three and a half weeks.

God’s green and blue Earth and the thousands of specific species that live peace and harmony with it. Bibles can speak to us if we open them up! Say the Rosary daily

The Ten Commandments CATHOLICS Vatican Pope Cardinals Arcs Bishops, Bishops. Christ Man it all comes down do we want him to return? We must prepare our land and ourselves.

Anyways use bathrooms for baths. Shower shave shampoo conditioner body wash deodorant soap. Brush teeth quite often Toiletries are so modern in the preparation in our fight. Salt your food We are fighting Death, people Hot showers last 30 sec cool water Save used condoms after sex in white plastic bags in recycle bin Remember no sperm or blood or hair or food down the drain

House. Clean often. Vacuum wet mop bleach soap. The spirits are in the floor ground until midnight. Prepare food at bad. Hours if you want. Get stuck in rush hour traffic. Meditate in your own way. I’m not trying to change you. Well yes I AM let’s change the world. Specifics will be posted on Instagram and Tik Tok diseases death hate destruction wars and leave us alone. And implode into black holes in the Universe never to surface. We don’t need addictions and mental illness.

The underworld is a very real thing

Securing the Penal Institutions and Hospitals for sewage control will be difficult but oh so rewarding especially when we barely need them anymore that’s the key!

create and procreate in unity cleaner air, fresh clean water to drink cook and batne. We will be better off but we must pay our dues no longer going to the John Crapper mindlessly we will become conscious creators to come out shining in the Sun.

No Amageddon from Revelation in the New Testament; a new plan of God’s own design

Need inspiration? Go to church again Mosque. Synagogue Hindu. Buddhists …don’t be idle study grow. exercise

We must go back to nature. Urinate in parks and back yards.

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